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What is Hypertension? Completely free of annoying “technical” terms, this chapter will give you an easy-to-understand description of this condition and what it is all about. Whether or not you have hypertension, this chapter is your first stop in understanding it!

Getting the Information You Need will tell you what you need to know about hypertension, and why it is important for you to know it! If you have wanted information about this condition, but have not known where to begin to look for it, this is where you can find the answers!

Symptoms of Hypertension makes it clear that this is a condition which frequently appears with no symptoms at all. It also fills you in on what symptoms and changes may be relevant, as well as what you should do if you begin experiencing any symptoms.

How to Know if You Have Hypertension provides excellent facts regarding the testing and diagnosis of hypertension. Also clearly written without undue medical terminology, this chapter will be a huge relief to anyone who is concerned that he may have hypertension. This chapter will tell you how easy it is to obtain an accurate diagnosis from a simple, painless procedure which will take only a few minutes of your time!

Causes and Risk Factors is a very important chapter indeed! This chapter spells out the facts: who is most at risk of developing hypertension. Equally important, this chapter tells you all you need to know about the numerous risk factors which are actually within your own capacity to change or control-- this is the biggest step in taking charge of your own health care, and of helping you to have more peace of mind! In this chapter, you will learn about such factors as your dietary choices, your level activity, your consumption of alcohol, and many other factors which all figure in to your risk of developing hypertension. You will then see what types of changes you can make that will lower your risk, and promote better overall health!

Treatment for Hypertension tells you about medications that are currently available for treating hypertension, which classifications of medication are generally preferred by most physicians, and an overview of how each type works and its potential for side-effects. In this chapter, you will also read about classifications of medications which the medical community has deemed less effective or potentially harmful. This chapter also clarifies the patient's need to conform with his or her physician's specific instructions for using the prescribed medication.

What You Can Do details the relatively-new concept of the patient taking an active role in his or her own health care. After you have read this informative chapter, you will know the reasons why this is the best approach for you, and also why it will be helpful to your health care provider! Gone are the days when all a person did was “follow Doctor's Orders”-- today, you can be a real participant toward promoting better health! Once you have read this chapter, you will know for sure that this method is most definitely the way to go!

Help From Your Physician advises you as to what you can reasonably expect from your health care provider. After you have read this chapter, you will know how to select a doctor who is a “good fit” for you, what types of information and advice he or she should give to you, and how to ensure mutual respect and cooperation between you yourself and your new physician.

What About Alternative Methods? covers the controversial issues surrounding alternative medicine. This chapter will help you to understand how to determine whether a specific form of alternative medicine is safe, possibly even beneficial, and a potential asset to your health, or whether it is a dangerous scam which you should avoid. It will tell you how to spot false claims of “overnight success” and “miracle cures,” and how, instead, to focus on methods which do not make impossible promises nor attempt to replace your physician's advice. As alternative medicine can be deadly or benevolent, when you read this chapter you will learn how to tell the difference-- and it is not nearly as difficult as you may expect.

Sources for Support gives you some excellent ideas for breaking free of your worry and sense of isolation. If you do not know where or how to find support for dealing with hypertension, you will after you read this chapter! However minor or extreme your hypertension may be, you can find understanding, compassion, helpful input, and friendship with others who are also dealing with this condition.

Where You Can Learn More is the definitive little guide to where you can find even more resources for learning about hypertension. In addition to giving you valuable information on sources which you had probably not even thought about, this chapter also provides advice on where you should not look for answers. This chapter will help you to see which sources of information are the most reliable and accurate, as well as which is likely to be far less reputable.

Conclusion ends this ebook on a positive note! You will have all of the facts, information, advice, and resources that you will need to make the decisions about your own health care. It would do well to note that while this fact covers hypertension in this specific book, it can be applied to the subject of your health care in general, with equal significance and equally-positive results!

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